Getting Rid of Wrinkles

Before talking about the solution in dealing with wrinkles, I’m going to first explain where wrinkles come from. I will then talk about how you can prevent them from forming in the first place or how to reduce them once you’ve already gotten them. I do hope that information on this site will be of some use to you.

What Are Wrinkles on Forehead?

If you really want to know how to get rid of forehead lines, then it’s for the best that you get an informed opinion on the subject first. There are two types of wrinkles, one type of wrinkles is something commonly referred to as “forehead rows” or those wrinkles that run straight across the forehead.

Another type of wrinkles is called “the elevens” or “frown lines“, which are deep vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows that appear every time you frown, hence the latter moniker. These are technically called glabellar lines, however. Regardless of the type of forehead wrinkles you got, these lines tend to make you look older or even angrier than you really are!

The Causes of Forehead Lines

Getting forehead wrinkles is a common complaint among people as they age. There are many causes for the formation of forehead wrinkles and just how severe they’ll come out: genetics, free radical formation, environmental exposure, collagen loss, cigarette smoke exposure, and even how often you do facial expressions.

Say, you don’t live in an area where “environmental exposure” and even “cigarette smoke exposure” are problems. You live in a clean, middle-class suburban neighborhood, and your husband isn’t a smoker. Otherwise, I would highly encourage anyone to avoid such hazards, because you’ve heard that they can lead to or even worsen beforehand forehead wrinkle formation. Ironically, all the stress you’ve experienced from having forehead creases has probably worsened them in the long run! Getting rid of forehead wrinkles is no easy task.

The Technical Side of Forehead Rows Formation

More to the point, your wrinkles on your forehead are typically formed whenever your skin begins to lose or lack elastin and collagen. Aging in and of itself can cause this process, although wrinkling can be worsened, aggravated, or accelerated by the different factors outlined above. From genetics to excessive sun exposure, the cards are stacked against you when it comes to forehead wrinkles. It’s particularly frustrating for those of us who’ve inherited this tendency to get wrinkles earlier than others from our parents or grandparents.

You may also get quite alarmed to learn that the mere act of smiling, laughing, and moving your facial muscles can exacerbate your forehead wrinkles’ appearance. Say you’re a particularly animated person, and you tend to truly express yourself with your facial reactions. Seeing the wear and tear it did to your face (particularly around the forehead region) through the years is pretty heartbreaking for you; so much for laughter being the best medicine and all that. As for all you squinters out there, not only can that cause eye wrinkles and crow’s feet, it also aggravates the glabellar lines or frown lines.

General Advice in Avoiding Wrinkles

The best course of action when it comes to wrinkles is preventing them from happening or at least keep them from worsening when you already have them. For example:

  • Makeup and Wrinkles: Hiding wrinkles on your forehead with makeup must be done with care. You know the hard way that makeup tends to sink into the really deep lines, which highlights them further instead of hiding them. A mask becomes worthless if what you’re trying to hide remains visible, after all.
  • Avoid the Sun: Direct contact with the sun can hasten the formation of wrinkles because it’s one of the fastest ways of drying your skin. You should wear sunscreen if you’re in constant contact with the sun. Ultraviolet rays are particularly harmful to your skin, especially when it comes to your forehead area, which is often exposed and unprotected.
  • Drink Water: Because wrinkles are a result of dry, non-moisturized skin, hydrating your body is essential. The better hydrated you are, the more chances you have of keeping your skin wrinkle-free. Skin moisturizer cannot beat the simple benefits of drinking plenty of water to hydrate yourself from within.
  • Lifestyle Factors: As mentioned earlier, certain bad habits like smoking or excessive alcohol intake can aggravate the signs of aging, which of course includes your facial wrinkles. In order to ensure your forehead’s smoothness, you might as well cut back on alcohol and tobacco, because these vices can lead to accelerated aging symptoms, among many other health detriments.
  • Eating a Healthy Diet: A balanced, nutritious diet doesn’t only help prevent wrinkles; it can also ensure a longer lifespan in the long run. By making sure you’re getting all those right vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy, your body will be more resistant to all the usual signs of aging, including wrinkles.

Possible Solutions

Things like genetics, free radical formation, and collagen loss are factors that lead to wrinkly dilemma. Like it or not, sooner or later, no matter how healthy your body is or what diet you follow, you will succumb to the inevitability of old age. When that happens, you’ll notice that your skin isn’t as supple or hydrated as before, and it will tend to dry out more often. That’s exactly what you experienced, and you tried very hard to push back the hands of time by replenishing your skin with all sorts of moisturizing products, skin creams, and, once you were faced with the onset of those darn lines, wrinkle creams. They were all met with mixed success.

One method you never tried out that your friends used was surgery. Brow lifts and temple lifts are typically used to permanently rejuvenate the forehead. Of course, you see this as too much of an extreme measure. It’s particularly invasive to boot, and it involves small incisions in the hairline. Not to mention, you’ve also heard some horror stories regarding surgery that went bad. Besides which, its expensiveness is certainly out of the question. However, there are at least less invasive treatments available that can lessen the visibility and amount of your forehead wrinkles.

At any rate, you were so desperate that you even tried the ever-popular Botox procedure. Yes, you’re well-aware of the jokes about Botox turning a woman’s face into a frozen mask that’s devoid of expression. Nonetheless, once the jokes have taken their course, people notice your “tired” face more often than your “dead frozen” one. If you want to remove forehead wrinkles temporarily, this is the treatment to get. Continue reading ->